Cuba’s Most Popular Dishes


Cuba is a beautiful country favorite among many tourists. It is renowned for its delectable cuisine, and rice and beans are pretty popular. Cuban food has a distinctive flavor, and the choice of dishes is endless. If you are touring Cuba and want to sample the most popular dishes, here is a list of delicacies worth trying.

  1. Picadillo

Picadillo is one of the must-try staples in Cuba. It is a sweet, savoury stew boasting different flavors. What od its top ingredients? These include slow-cooked ground beef, tomatoes, potatoes, wine and local seasonings. 

Picadillo is unique due to its included raisins and olives, which enhance its sweetness. On the other hand, the olives add a touch of saltiness combined with the many spices. Sometimes, you can opt for chicken or turkey if you don’t want to use beef.

  1. Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare is made from tenderloin, a tender-cut beef which consists the right fat levels. Tartrate is cooked in high temperatures of over 71C, eradicating all bacteria and toxins. It is famous for its flavor and taste and is served as a main dish with pickled veggies, cornichons and toasted baguette. You can get tasty Steak Tartare from Milwalky Trace and enjoy it with various wines available at the restaurant. 

  1. Tamales

Tamale is a corn-based Cuban staple made differently in Cuba. It features fresh ground corn and meat mixed with dough instead of filling. It also includes beans and cheese to achieve that unique taste. 

Tamales are in banana leaves or husks, but you should remove them from the wrapping before eating. The good thing about Cuban tamales is that you can serve them with eggs, salsa, black bean soup, cornbread and fresh fruit.

  1. Boliche       

Boliche is a popular pot roast dish in Cuban cuisine. It features a tender eye beef roast and is stuffed with chorizo. During preparation, the beef is simmered in water full of onions and some wine. The chorizo is marinated in citrus juices, garlic and oregano until tender. That’s not all; its accompaniments are tasty and may include rice, yucca or plantains.

  1. Ropa Vieja

Ropa vieja is a unique blend of onions and bell peppers dipped in rich tomato sauce. It features shredded beef stewed in a flavorful sauce. This delectable meal can be served with rice and fried plantains, resulting in a delicious meal combination. 

  1. Medianoche

Medianoche is your ideal Cuban sandwich for all time. If you love pork, ham or pickles, it’s the best delicacy to arouse your taste buds. The reason? It is stuffed with roasted pork, ham and Swiss cheese and pickles. The sweet bread is made of egg dough which resembles the Jewish challah.

 It is usually referred to as a “Midnight sandwich” for its consumed at night after night of partying in the dance club. Medianoche resembles the famous Cubano sandwich, but the bread used during preparation differs. It is one of the popular Cuban sandwiches invented in Havana in 1900.

In summary

Cuban cuisine is exciting and boasts many delicious dishes, not just the bland rice and beans. You will get them in most leading restaurants and can sample these with your favorite glass of wine and salads.