Keto-Friendly Low-Carb Rainbow Trout Recipes


These trout recipes are great for anyone who is following a diet such as Keto or simply trying to reduce carbs. There are many options, from simple recipes to Asian or Italian-inspired dishes. These trout recipes are great for quick dinners and can be incorporated into your weekly meal plan to make it easy and nutritious.

Grilled Ruby Red Trout and Agrodolce with Grilled Asparagus 

This sweet-and-sour Italian trout uses fresh herbs and citrus to add tons of flavor. This meal is rich in nourishing fiber and protein when paired with grilled asparagus.

One-Pan Roasted Rainbow Trout and Cauliflower Steaks

This meal is so filling that you won’t miss the carbs. The heart-healthy trout combined with thick cauliflower steaks makes it so satisfying. Add extra chili flakes if you like them spicy!

Sesame Oil Rainbow Trout with Warm Cabbage Salad

 If you don’t use toasted sesame oil often, you are missing out. The smoky and sultry flavor adds depth to any dish. This Asian-inspired coleslaw is fun with cabbage salad and trout.

Lemon and Herb Roasted Rainbow Trout with Broccoli and Tomato in One Pan 

This delicious, mess-free creation combines all your favorite fridge staples. To get the most out of your produce, include tomatoes and broccoli in your weekly meal plan.

Rainbow Trout with Shiitake Mushrooms and Tomatoes, Ginger, and Green Onions

This is another easy-to-make meal. You can make the entire dish in your cast-iron skillet. Fresh ginger adds a bright, vibrant flavor to the dish and has many health benefits.

Herbed Lemon Aioli Rainbow Trout

Fresh parsley, rosemary, and thyme give this dish a touch of summer. You will feel full and energized after this meal.

Prosciutto with Sage Wrapped Rainbow Trout

This exciting protein combination is made of paper-thin prosciutto and rainbow trout, which are rich in omega-3. This recipe is simple Italian cooking at its best.


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