What are Raw Coffee Beans, and why are they green?


Most of us usually start the day with a fresh cup of coffee or tea. Made at home, or purchased from the finest coffee bar, do you ever wonder where your coffee comes from? And not just the country of origin, but the actual source? 

You may be surprised to learn that coffee is not some type of nut or bean but rather comes from a fruit. Raw coffee beans are actually the seeds from coffee cherries that grow from the Coffee plant. Similar to ordinary cherries, these are stone fruit. Although coffee beans are not technically beans, they are called such due to their resemblance to real beans. Most coffee cherries contain two stones or seeds with their flat sides together.

But before coffee beans are ready to be turned into coffee, the cherries have to be picked from coffee trees. Once the cherries have been harvested, they are processed, and the fruit from the coffee cherry is removed from around the coffee bean. The beans are then separated and can be washed, semi-washed or naturally processed. The coffee beans are raw and retain a green colour during this process, hence the name green coffee beans. Coffee beans only get their rich brown colour and various flavour profiles when roasted. 

During roasting, the beans go through a chemical reaction called the “Maillard reaction”, which causes sugar browning, caramelisation, and the flavour profile to develop. Raw coffee beans are one of the most natural forms of coffee beans you can consume. While some may think that roasting the coffee bean removes any potentially harmful substances from the coffee bean, it is perfectly safe and healthy to consume raw coffee beans. Green coffee offers a wide range of health benefits and is considered a superfood as it has lower amounts of caffeine and is full of chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant. In addition, Green coffee beans can look and taste different depending on where they are grown, the type of coffee tree it comes from and how it was processed. However, it retains a strong flavour profile, and many can taste the acidic, fruity notes of the beans, so some prefer consuming it in an infusion or extract. 

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