Burger Restaurants Aren’t Going Anywhere Despite a Two Year (Semi) hiatus. 


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For many burger enthusiasts, it’s hard to imagine a week without an emphatic bite of a mouthwatering double cheese burger. If you want to know about the growing burger fandom, just ask any foodie about the cravings and witness their reaction. Restaurants thrive on word of mouth from their most loyal customers but their affinity for the smaller details, such as having the tastiest ingredients on hand, is what keeps the patties turning. Milky Lane, one of Australia’s most popular burger joints, offers punters a chance to customise their burgers and choose from a tantalising array of menu favourites.

The pandemic has not deterred the universal love for sumptuous burgers but instead consolidated its cultural relevance. It has also provided customers with a way to show their support for their favourite local eateries during the delivery-only period. Between curb-side pick up, home delivery and drive-thru, many burger restaurants were forced to innovate for their customers in recent times. This is because a restaurants burgers, whether its double meat, double cheese or both, are always in high demand at any time of the day.

Upon opening in 2016, Milky Lane revolutionised the burger industry with its standalone menu, incorporation of urban art and welcoming dining aesthetics. In turn, they have won over the hearts of many locals and the demand for their juicy burgers continues to grow far and wide across Australia. This is because their commitment is to the dining experience as a whole; from the juicy patties all the way through to the curation of hip-hop beats and unique dining booths. Their urban motif and expansive menu is an invitation for punters to get creative and reflects how burger joints, like Milky Lane, are of significant value to any local community. 

Experiencing a type of choice paralysis when looking for the perfect side dish is a great problem to have. Especially when you’re hungry, all items on the menu suddenly begin to appeal to your cravings. Knowing that your food will be served without delay and in a sumptuous manner is the Milky Lane guarantee. In spite of the rigamarole of the last two years, Milky Lane continues to exist far beyond reasons of profit. The hiatus has only reinvigorated their mission to create the most enjoyable, urbanised dining experience and exist as a community hub for all its members. 

The growing demand for the very best fresh ground beef, shredded lettuce, cheese, chopped onions and toasted buns are about to be met in more parts of Australia. Milky Lane has opened new locations in Bondi, Cronulla, Crows Nest, Newcastle, Parramatta, Gregory Hills, and Terrigal. Now the locals of these fine communities can enjoy a mouth watering burger over a unique cocktail with their friends and families.

Milky Lane can accommodate any type of event or occasion. Their rapid rise in popularity is a tribute to their ability to provide a remarkable experience while ensuring complete satisfaction. After all, they are here to pay heed to the quality that the customers seek and deserve. Check out their world-class food menu and make a reservation now!