The History and Evolution of Coffee


We can hardly imagine our life without coffee. Whether it is a cup of strong black coffee to help you kick start your day or a hot cup of skimmed latte after a stressful day of work, coffee is one of the most popular and favorite beverages worldwide. If you feel like unwinding somewhere outside your home, you can visit Select Citywalk mall, which has some of the best coffee shops in Delhi. But not many of us know the history and evolution of coffee. Let us know about how coffee made its way into almost every household in the world. 

The Journey

As we all know, coffee originated in Ethiopia and slowly made its journey across the world. It was also discovered in Africa, Europe, and Asia, where the locals harvested coffee. 

In Ethiopia, the coffee beans were discovered by an Ethiopian local and his goats which he later on shared with a monk. The monk discovered that these magic beans helped him stay awake at night. The beautiful aroma of the roasted coffee beans could not be ignored then as well. With time people learned how to boil these beans and get the end product that we know as coffee these days. 

Later, it is also said that coffee in the 15th century made its way into Yemen. The port in Yemen where it first reached was known as Mocha, which is a variety of brewed coffee that we are familiar with these days. Coffee was popular in Egypt, Turkey as well as Persia. In Europe, coffee traveled across many countries and finally made its way to Asia. With time a number of coffee houses came up in various places in Europe, namely in England, France, Germany, etc.

In Asia, we all know that coffee was very popular with Arabs. Meanwhile, a Sufi from India stumbled across coffee in Mecca in 1617. He smuggled the beans back to his country, where he started the cultivation of coffee. Through the hands of a navy official, coffee finally landed in South America and became quite popular. With the initiative taken by the Jamaican English governor, coffee started getting planted in the Blue Mountains, which is known for being an ideal place for coffee harvesting. 


  • The popular coffee chain “Starbucks” opened its first shop in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. 
  • Both the varieties of coffee beans, namely Robusta and Arabica, are popular worldwide.
  • Many people have tried to ban coffee multiple times. 
  • Besides having several benefits, coffee can be hazardous if there is an overdose of the same.
  • Brazil produces the most coffee in the world. 

Having discussed the exceptional journey of coffee, we can all agree that it is rightfully the most sought beverage across the world. If you fall under the same category, Select Citywalk mall has some of the best coffee shops in the city to help you rejuvenate yourself whenever needed. 


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