How to start a craft brewery?

  1. How to choose the size of the brewery equipment

Generally, the output required to open a brewery is relatively large, ranging from several tons to more than ten tons. This depends on the specific situation of the customer. You may say that I am a novice, and I don’t know what equipment should be selected. Don’t worry, Meituo’s manufacturers will provide pre-sales services to help customers analyze the local demand for beer, and give you a reasonable configuration plan for the selected venue. Conventional equipment specifications: 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 4000L, 5000L can be customized according to customer needs.

  1. How to choose the device configuration

The equipment configuration mentioned here is mainly determined according to the daily output of the customer. Taking the daily output of 1000L as an example, a saccharification system of 1000L is required (two-device two-body, three-device two-body, three-device three-body, four-device four-body system are not introduced here, if you want to know more, you can consult Meituo Beer Equipment staff), the fermentation tank will generally be equipped with 6~12 pieces, the material is imported food grade 304 stainless steel, precision welding, polishing, leaving no sanitary dead corners in the tank, refrigerant coil, using stepped Miller design, more effective and fast Cooling, computer temperature control, automatic replenishment of carbon dioxide, constant pressure. There is a liquid level gauge, and the manhole boldly adopts the more advanced international shadowless manhole design, which is beautiful and practical, and can be called a classic in the micro beer equipment industry. In addition, ice water tanks, filling systems, control systems, sake tanks, and cleaning systems are also required.

Saccharification equipment

  1. Does the manufacturer train the use of equipment and brewing techniques?

Beer equipment manufacturers have their own mature brewing technology. Buying Meituo’s beer equipment will give you the brewing technology to teach you the entire brewing process and brewing formula, and support the brewing technology and brewing raw materials for a long time, which is more secure.

  1. Material selection of equipment

Be sure not to be greedy for petty cheapness, because everything will have its cost price, and no seller will do business at a loss. If you find that some manufacturers are much cheaper than others after comparison, then you have to think carefully. , Is the material different from those used by other manufacturers, and whether the accessories are good? The materials used by Meituo are all food-grade SUS304. We will also choose some well-known manufacturers when purchasing accessories. Because what we want is not output, but quality, and quality assurance is our aim.

Finally, whether the technical support and service of the manufacturer can be in place.

Meituo beer equipment manufacturers will provide the following technical and service support:

  1. Implement turnkey projects according to customer requirements, including: production site layout, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and other one-stop services.
  1. Provide raw materials for breweries for many years: imported and domestic barley malt, wheat malt, caramel malt and black malt, various bitter and fragrant beer granules, hops, yeast, etc.
  1. In order to ensure the safe operation of the product, the equipment can only leave the factory after it has been inspected by professional quality inspectors after processing. After the equipment is transported to the site, our professional engineers will install and debug the equipment for you free of charge, and the winemaker will provide the equipment for you. You brew qualified beer; at the same time, give detailed explanations and professional training to the production personnel designated by the customer on the working principle, operation procedures and maintenance methods of the equipment, so that they can basically operate independently and be able to brew beer within 20 days, and train qualified customers for winemaker. Teach the brewing process of multi-variety beer, and provide life-long technical support to relieve your worries. More importantly, all craft beer equipment, including teaching equipment, are provided free of charge for life.
  1. Supply common spare parts: wine vending machine, sugar content meter, wort measuring barrel, stainless steel butterfly valve, food-grade rubber hose, pressure gauge, beer fresh-keeping barrel, heat exchanger, grinder, refrigerator, mobile pump, ice water pump , Beer special diatomite filter, filling machine and labeling machine, etc.

If you are ready to open a brewery, you can contact us. Micet craft’s engineers will provide you with a list of craft brewery equipment, distillation equipment, and related prices. Of course, we can also provide you with a professional turnkey brewery solution, giving you more time to focus on brewing quality beer. Very much looking forward to working with you, my friend! You can also consider converting a Florida restaurant for sale into a brewery by investing in the right equipment