Quick Tips to Order Food Order In Train Online By WhatsApp


The railway has recently eliminated a number of pantry cars from the train in order to maintain proper hygiene standards and train safety. The newest option for dining on trains is the new Online Food in Train through WhatsApp service. This is the quick way to order food. People can now enjoy meal alternatives while riding by rail, including samosas, noodles, dhokla, Punjabi food, South Indian food, vegetarian food, and much more. A good, hot, and fresh meal makes your journey more enjoyable and pleasant.

Passengers appreciate this service as well because they only get food delivered to their seats. The food is also delicious and tailored to their preferences. Since the passenger’s difficulties with meals have all been addressed by online food delivery. In addition to tea and coffee, they can enjoy delectable snacks. There are 5 suggestions for travelers who decide to place an online food order.

Step To Order Food In Train Through Whatsapp:

  • In order to order food in train through WhatsApp while riding the train, you must follow a few rules. so that while taking the train, you can eat healthful, fresh meals. Utilizing this service is quick and easy.
  • Send a text message to 7042062070.
  • The options “check status,” “order food,” “track food,” and “complain” will appear after that.
  • You will be asked to provide your PNR number when you decide to order meals.
  • Next, choose the station where you want to pick up your food. where you wish to place your food order.
  • From the restaurant’s menu option, pick your favorite dish.
  • Then you have to pay. Cash on Delivery and online payments are both possibilities.
  • Once your order has been confirmed, wait for it.
  • Your order can now also be tracked.
  • Your journey will be stress-free thanks to this new option, which is the greatest. You can also alter your menu to accommodate your preferences or those of your parents and children.

How Easy It Is To Order Food Through Whatsapp:

The most recent collaboration between the Indian Railways and significant global fast food brands means that you won’t have any excuses for not taking a train to your next vacation destination.

As of right now, passengers have the choice to Online Food Order In Train from their chosen fast food restaurants rather than taking use of the fixed meal options provided on long-distance trains like the Rajdhani and Shatabdi. This includes time-tested favorites like Bikanervala, Sagar Ratna, Haldiram, McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. It’s just as simple to order food from Whatsapp while sitting at home as it is to do so while riding a train.

It is now possible at 450+ stations via Authorized IRCTC E-Catering Partner zoopindia. Any traveler may now use WhatsApp to place an online order for train food and receive assured delivery to their train cabin. You can place orders for regional food from numerous states while seated in your railway seat.

Whatsapp Benefits Of Ordering Food When Taking A Train?

Enjoy the best cuisine in town from the convenience of your train seat while placing an online food order with WhatsApp.

We provide moderately priced meals that are very healthful.

Have the meal brought to your train seat with only a few clicks.

There are many options on the menu that are suitable for customers of all ages.

You can give us a food order ahead of time.

We accommodate special dietary requirements such as requests for Jain thalis and group dinners.

If you miss the train, we immediately refund your money.

As an IRCTC e-catering partner, we consistently deliver on time and have a strong reputation.

We also provide a further discount on large orders for train groups traveling together.

You can save even more money by taking advantage of other discount codes that are currently available.

You can buy healthy meals to eat on trains via zoopindia.com.

The Indian Railways is the most practical choice for travelers in India.

Food That We Can Eat In Train From Whatsapp:

The most practical method used by passengers in India is Indian Railways. Railway is experiencing tremendous growth in the e-catering industry. We provide a wide range of cuisine selections, including these dishes:

Vegetarian Thali: We provide you a range of Thali selections to meet all of your needs. You can choose from one of four different thali selections on the menu. Small Thali, Superior Thali, Common Thali, Royal Thali

Vegetable thalis assist you in maintaining a balanced diet and meeting all bodily nutritional needs. Seasonal vegetables, Paneer Kadai, Naan or Chapati, dal Makhani, raita, pickles, salad, desserts, curd, and rice are all included on the platters.

If you’re a strict non-vegetarian, you must select the Deluxe Non-Vegetarian Thali. chicken handi/butter chicken, chapati/naan, seasonal veg or paneer, dal makhani/dal fry, etc.

Indian Cuisine: From North Indian to South Indian cuisines, we provide you the best assortment available.

North Indian foods: The fragrant spices used in North Indian cuisine are well known. The special cooking technique and the perfect spice mixture make it a better food alternative to ordering on a train.

Food from Southern India:

We provide you with the best-tasting, crispiest south Indian food. Some of the most popular meals ordered aboard trains include Upma, Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Paneer Masala Dosa, Idli, Uttapam, Vada, and Pongal.

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