Why do Many Beverages Include Wood Rosin?


Glycerol ester wood rosin is one of the most alarming ingredients in fruit-flavored beverages. There is a trace of wood rosin in citrus-flavored sodas, and other fruit drinks. It is possible to explain its existence by the old belief that oil and water cannot mix.

Manufacturers often use flavoring oils from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes to create a pleasant, authentic flavor in water-based beverages. These flavoring oils can be very concentrated and should be balanced with sweeteners to make a beverage more palatable. Problem is, fruit oils don’t mix well with carbonated waters or natural fruit juices. Even after vigorous mixing or stirring, the flavoring oils would just float on top of your beverage.

Here is where wood rosin comes in. Ester gum is made from wood rosin, which is a thickening agent. It’s made from long-leaf pine stumps. Ester gum can be used to thicken and stabilize foods such as chewing gum, ice cream, or other beverages. It can be used as a stabilizer when esters of wood rosin are mixed with glycerol.

Water and oil don’t mix well, but they can be combined to make an emulsion. Mayonnaise is an example of an emulsion made from oil, vinegar, or lemon juice with egg yolk as the emulsifier. Glycerol ester wood rosin is used to allow fruit oils to stay suspended in water when they are mixed with fruit-flavored beverages. A can of orange-flavored soda will have an orange flavor and not orange oil floating on top. The beverage wouldn’t be as tasty if it didn’t have the rosin to stabilize it.

Wood rosin is not known to pose any health risk for consumers. Federal regulations prohibit more than 100 parts rosin per,000,000. This means that there is only a small amount in most cans of citrus-flavored soda. Although there are many other stabilizers that can be used in beverages, manufacturers prefer glycerol ester of wood rosin.

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