The Innovative Range Of Cookware Sets To Buy For Home Cooks


Congrats if you have recently switched to a natural deodorant or had upgraded to eco-friendly bedding, but can you remember the last time when you had upgraded to cookware. If you haven’t moved on from making egg poached on the same old toxic nonstick pans from an old brand, then it is time you move on to something eco-friendly for the sake of your health. Neoflam is one such famous brand that designs and offers a modern range of cookware products that aren’t only scratch-resistant but also doesn’t contain any toxic.

Keep Cookware Products Safe And Clean

The best part about Neoflam’s stockpots or other pans is that they can be easily cleaned with a gentle sponge. The brand’s products ensure green cooking, and thanks to its ‘non-toxic’ coating, they can also withstand high temperatures. The products’ resistance to scratch and slippery finish s what makes them worthy of use.

Safe AndPremium Quality Cookware Made With Natural Materials

Grill pans or any other pots from Neoflam make up for the most integral part of cookware, given its high durability, practicality, and its promise for safe and healthy cooking. For the longest time, PFOA or polyfluoro alkyl substances were used to make nonstick materials to render them a slick coating. And as per studies, PFAS triggers cancer and disrupts the hormone and the reproductive system.

However, no such toxic material is used for the production of stoneware pot or other cookware products of Neoflam. The natural and eco-friendly materials used to make these products can withstand high heat and are highly durable.

Neoflam Cookware Sets Can Accommodate Big Batch Cooking?

The Neoflam cookware like the griddle pan set can cater to high-heat cooking and accommodate big batches of meat and egg recipes. With the cookware sets from this brand, you can saute, fry steam, and more, and that too in one place. Apart from being PFAS-free, cookware products like steam plus pan don’t even include heavy or lead metals and are made from natural and eco-friendly materials. What more? You can also put them inside the microwave, and they are even perfect for both slow and low-cooking.

Reddot Design Awarded-Brand- Neoflam

The safe materials used in manufacturing the cookware set offered by Neoflam are made responsibly while keeping in mind the environment and are highly preferred by the home cooks. The stoneware pot, for instance, we offer, features a wide and shallow base which makes your veggie searing and stew whipping easy and convenient.

Neoflam makes a modern range of cookware like steam plus pan, both non-toxic and beautiful. They are affordable, and thanks to their innovative design, they are safer for cooking. Neoflam also offers a non-micro-ban antimicrobial protection cutting board that enables safe and healthy cutting of vegetables and fruits by preventing the entrance of microbes inside them.

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