Everything You Need To Know About Peruvian Cuisine


If you are wondering what Peruvian cuisine is, we will tell you everything you need to know! There is so much hype about this cuisine. Lately, so many people have wanted to try it, but sadly, not many understand it. 

So, What Is Peruvian Cuisine? 

Initially, this cuisine was developed by immigrants who modified locally available ingredients in Peru. Corns, tomatoes, legumes, and tubers like quinoa are the pillars of this cuisine. 

At Canchita.sg, they serve fine quality Peruvian dishes which are made with traditional recipes. Traditionally made foods are popular with further modifications, such as quinoa, kiwicha, and chili peppers. The most crucial ingredient is potatoes since Peru has the widest varieties of potatoes available. 

What Does It Taste Like?

As popularly known, Peruvian cuisine is a mix of opposites. You will have hot and cold food items on the same plate. Traditionally, there are bold flavors with spices, delicate, robust, crisp, and clean, all tastes in a carefully designed dish. Rice and spices are the essential elements meant to add flavor. 

People often confuse this with Mexican cuisine; safe to say, these are different in terms of flavors. Peruvian cuisine has a lot more seafood than Mexican.

Why Should You Try It? 

Famous for its traditional elements and agricultural taste, you should try Peruvian cuisine at least once. 

Some Dishes You Should Try Are: 

  • Ceviche: It’s Peru’s national dish. Made of 5 simple ingredients, it features fresh fish, onions, sweet potato, and corn kernels. Other countries have variations of this with shrimp, octopus, and tomatoes.
  • Lomo Saltado: It’s a fusion of classic Peruvian ingredients with Chinese stir-frying. This dish is just as popular in Peru as in the rest of the world. 
  • Aji De Gallina: It’s a dish of shredded chicken mixed in cream, aji Amarillo, and ground walnuts. Peruvian cuisine has a massive space for sauces thickened with chilies, and aji de gallina is one such popular dish. This dish is famous worldwide, and these sauces are used in most parts of the world in their recipes.
  • Cuy: It’s a dish of Guinea pig. The animal is stuffed with local herbs and then roasted over an open wood fire. It is served with potatoes and aji sauce. 


Now, there are so many reasons you should try a dish from this cuisine; from the flavors to widespread rumors, we told you everything you need to know! 

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