Persian Food Items Perfect as Souvenirs


Out of the extensive selection of Persian souvenirs that you can find inTehran Market Los Angeles, CA, would you believe food items are some of your best options? 

Persian food souvenirs are not just cheaper than handicrafts most of the time but can also be great reminders of your Persian culinary experience.

Read on to get a good idea of what Persian food items you should get the next time you are looking for unique souvenirs:


Barberries or zereshkare essential ingredients for Iranians. Theyoften mix rice with barberries with rice to prepare a famous Persian dish called Zereshk Polo or Persian barberry rice. These grains high in Vitamin C are typically used dehydrated. 

Prepping them for food requires no more than several minutes, adding a delicious taste and a stunning color to the food. Barberries are often used to garnish different Persian dishes like rice or Persian Tahchin.


Caviar is among the most celebrated Iranian exports. It is a luxury product sourced from a type of fish called Sturgeon. The Persian Sturgeons often live in the Caspian Sea located in the North of Iran.

While Caviar is one of the Persian food items perfect as a souvenir, it is not frequently used in Iran and comes with a high price tag. It is also not that easy to find top-quality Caviar. However, you can still probably find some from international airports, hypermarkets, and 5-star hotels in Iran.


Aside from pistachios, other types of nuts are also widely available In Iran at a good price. Ajil is the Persian word referring to mixed nuts. The mixture often contains several types of dried fruit such as apricots or raisins as well. 

In addition to dried fruits and nuts, roasted seeds are also commonly found in Ajil. Sunflower, watermelon, pumpkin, and squashseeds are the most prevalent ones that you can buy mixed in Ajilor individually for a relatively affordable price.

Nuts including cashews, walnuts, and almonds can be bought in different flavors and types including roasted, salted, and smoked. 

The best places to find sometop-quality nuts are often bazaars but you can also find these Persian snacks at nut shops in many cities.

Persian Dates

Persian dates are among the major agricultural exports of South of Iran that making up 80% of the whole amount. Dates have more than a hundred types with different names and only the locals can easily tell them apart.

High-quality dates can often be found in many local markets in the South of Iran. Certain types of dates are also available in different markets across the world.

Persian Smoked Rice

One of Iran’s most important food items is none other than Persian rice which is regularly used in the Persian diet. Berenj-e-doodi or Persian smoked rice is a type of rice that goes through a smoking process to achieve a distinct smoked taste. 

Persian Spices

Persian seasonings and spices come in a huge variety. Persian foods are often filled with flavors with different seasonings. Among the most common spices used in Iranian foods include turmeric, cinnamon, sumac, cardamom, angelica, cumin, garlic powder, and mixed Persian spices. 


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