Common Types Of Paper Used In Making Paper Bags


Paper bags are widely used because of their sustainability and eco-friendly benefits. However, people used to prefer plastic bags over paper simply because of their convenience. 

Single-use plastics, for instance, are meant to be used once or for a short time and then discarded. Plastic bags also featured handles, while paper bags initially did not. Conversely, as time passed, there are options for paper bags with handles and without, and are now a staple for grocery, apparel, or food packaging.

Paper bags are essential because they can reduce plastic pollution. Because paper bags are biodegradable, using them is undeniably a significant step in preserving the world for future generations.

Picking the right kind of paper to make paper bags not only saves money and protectsyour products better, but it also improves the overall customer experience and adds to enhanced product satisfaction. Packaging Supplies for Food should be sustainable and environment friendly.

With that said, consider some of these common types of paper used to make paper bags when deciding what to utilize.

Common Types of Paper Bags

  • Kraft paper bags are the most common kind of paper used for paper bags. This product is made of softwood sulfate, a thick light-brown, yellowish-brown, white, or cream paper-making substance. Natural kraft paper is the strongest among the common packaging papers, making it useful for items that need maximum strength, like groceries. 
  • Recycled paper bags are created from used paper. Recycled paper bags are inexpensive and environmentally friendly, and they are frequently used to hold products like handcrafted items, notebooks, and calendars.
  • White cardboard is made from a single layer or multi-layered fully-sized bleached chemical pulp. It has a smooth and firm texture. If you are looking for high-end gift boxes or bags,they will most likely be made of imported white cardboard.

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