Why do Customised Cakes Cost More?


Are you wondering why customised cakes can sometimes be so expensive? Most people just assume that customised cakes cost more for no good reason, but that’s not true. In this article, we will take a closer look at the reasons behind customised cake prices in Singapore.

Understanding the Cost of Customised Cakes

Customised cakes in Singapore often come with a higher price tag compared to other baked goods. Understanding why these cakes cost more can help you make a well-informed decision when selecting a cake for any occasion.

To create a customised cake, bakers must invest more time, effort and ingredients. Professional bakers must bake the cake from scratch, taking into account the customer’s specifications. This means they have to choose ingredients that not only taste great but also make the cake aesthetically pleasing. It is important to consider the quality of these special ingredients that make the cake look more beautiful and delicious. All of these elements naturally cost more, which is reflected in the higher prices of customised cakes.

Moreover, one of the most important parts of creating a customised cake is the decoration. Depending on the complexity of the cake design, decorating the cake can take hours or even days to complete. This is because some bakers prefer to hand-make intricate sugar decorations, including sugar paste flowers and figures, which can take an extra level of skill. Furthermore, the decorations and different ingredients used to decorate the cake can be costly.

In addition to the cost of ingredients and decorations, there is also the labour cost. Professional bakers spend time and effort crafting each cake, taking into consideration every detail of the design. Not to mention, the cake can require a long baking process, preparing the cake and ensuring that it is of the highest quality. Thus, the labour involved in customised cakes can be extensive, which is another contributing factor to their higher prices.


used to create customised cakes in Singapore can contribute to the higher cost of these cakes. As opposed to regular cakes, customised cakes require more ingredients and are more time-consuming to bake. Specialised ingredients often needed for customised cakes in Singapore include unique flavours, colourful fondant, and edible decorations. All of these ingredients can add up in cost and contribute to the higher price of these cakes.

Labour Costs

The labour costs associated with customised cakes in Singapore are often the largest factor when it comes to the price of the cakes. Bakers must spend a significant amount of time creating and decorating cakes to the exact specifications of each customer. This requires a great deal of skill and attention to detail, which can add up to a high labour cost for the finished product. Additionally, bakers may charge an extra fee for intricate designs or difficult to achieve effects, such as hand painting a design onto the cake.

Complicated Designs

Customised cakes in Singapore that feature intricate details are often more expensive than simpler designs. This is because bakers may require longer baking and decorating times to meet the customer’s specifications. Complex 3D shapes, detailed figurines, and multiple tiers all add more hours to the preparation and construction of the cake. In addition, the use of intricate ingredients such as special Icings and edible decorations result in an added expense for the customer.

Time Commitment

Customised cakes in Singapore usually require more time and labour, making them more expensive than other ready-made cakes sold in stores. For customised cakes, bakers have to put in extra effort to design, assemble, bake and decorate the cake according to the customer’s request. This process is more time-consuming and labour intensive. Therefore, the cost of customised cakes in Singapore tends to be higher than that of simpler, store-bought cake varieties.

Delivery Fees

When it comes to customised cakes in Singapore, delivery fees can be an additional cost factor. Some customised cake companies will offer delivery services, while others may require customers to pick up the cake from the store. Delivery services typically come with additional fees, depending on the distance and size of the order. As such, customers should consider whether they are able to pick up their cake, or if they need to factor in delivery fees during their purchase.


Overall, customised cakes cost more because they require more ingredients, labor, and time compared to the standard cakes in a bakery. It is important to remember that customised cakes are not just a regular cake with a few extra decorations; they must be designed and crafted by a talented and trained baker. Complex designs, intricate details and other factors all add to the overall cost of the cake. Delivery fees may also be involved depending on the location of the delivery.