The Menu Items Where Cheese Sauce Is Essential


From grilled sandwiches and fried chicken burgers through to waffles and cakes, cheese sauce underpins the creamy texture we crave from our favourite dishes. As a leading dairy supplier in Australia, Pure Dairy supplies ready-to-use cheese sauce to Australia’s most renowned eateries in the food services industry and are a staple of any reputable kitchen.

Specifically, the Anita Cheese Sauce has a wide range of applications and provides a signature taste that can’t be found elsewhere. To illustrate the potential of Anita Cheese Sauce, here are some easy and delicious meals you can prepare at home:

Nachos with Cheese Sauce

Nachos are an iconic Mexican dish and are loved far and wide across the globe- especially in Australia. Replacing generic cheddar or tasty cheese with the smooth texture of Nacho Cheese Sauce will improve this dish tenfold. The flavour is so tasty that you can serve it cold because Pure Diary’s Cheese Sauce does not congeal as it cools thus retaining its flavour and aesthetic.

French Fries with Cheese Sauce

For many foodies, this is the ultimate combination. You can add cheese sauce to this quick and easy home recipe and enjoy an improved flavour and presentation. You can also serve this on the side as a dip because Anita Cheese Sauce can be applied thoroughly, sparingly, hot or cold.

Hot Dog with Cheese Sauce

This is fast becoming an iconic summer dish amongst Australians. Whether boiled or off the BBQ, wrapping your hot dog with crispy bacon and topping it with Anita Cheese Sauce will make it hard for the guests to leave.


Chicken Nuggets with Cheese Sauce

Chicken nuggets are nothing short of a crowd-pleaser. They serve an easy and fulfilling meal for children and adults all year round. To elevate this staple, add Anita Cheese Sauce and bear witness to a mouthwatering combination.

Macaroni with Cheese Sauce

As mac and cheese is amongst the most popular of cheesy dishes, you can add your own variation to accentuate the flavour. Try it with the creamy and gooey goodness of Anita Cheese Sauce and you’ll have a delightful new twist on a household favourite. It’s also an affordable option and very easy to make!

Burger with Cheese Sauce

Burgers are synonymous with cheese and for good reason. A soft bun with juicy meat inside, filled with plenty of cheese and topped with onions is a true classic you can prepare at home. Not only is it economical but Anita Cheese Sauce can elevate this classic cheeseburger recipe to another level. The presentation will remain appealing and you’ll taste that extra ingredient that will make your next burger night with the family a memorable one.

You can now achieve restaurant-quality within your own home. Anita Cheese Sauce is in high demand amongst the best eateries and food-chains across Australia. This is because they combine the best parts of quality, presentation and service that can satisfy the growing demand for cheese dishes across the country.