Guide to having a perfect birthday celebration at a restaurant


What can be perfect than a restaurant where you can celebrate your birthday without the fear of messing around your house? Expecting more than 20 guests is a mixed feeling of excitement and goose bumps. The feeling of meeting many friends under one roof is amazing; however the thought of accommodating all under one roof comfortably can be daunting. Only a restaurant like Riverside resto known for organizing events and parties can think of celebrations like these.

It is one of the perfect decisions to gather friends and family together. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the post party mess in the house. Here’s a quick guide to celebrating just like you deserve on your birthday.

Guide to celebrating a perfect birthday at a restaurant:

  1. Find out the place: The first thing to do is finding out a proper restaurant. You can even choose something away or distant from your house to add adventure and click some outdoor pictures on the way.
  2. Talk to them: After picking a few good restaurants, talk to them and confirm if they have space to accommodate the number of expected guests. Also discuss what activities and celebrations they can add.
  3. Visit them: It would be good if you personally visit the place to inspect the area and location. Check out the ambiance, environment, and understand their thought of how they would organize a huge birthday celebration in their space.
  4. Discuss food: Make a list of food items for your birthday menu and discuss it with the restaurant. Also check what their specialty is. Regardless of how much you spend on your birthday dress or the place and the décor, you must know that people enjoy food the most! Thus, the food menu has to be lip-smacking.
  5. Décor: A few good restaurants also take care of the décor so you don’t have to book a decorator or an event manager separately for the décor. Discuss the birthday décor and ask them you share their portfolio of the work done for their previous clients.
  6. Budget: Now that you have finalized everything; take the estimate from them and share your budget too. You may add or remove a few things as per the budget and mutual discussion with the restaurant.
  7. Coordinate: Although reputed restaurants like Riverside resto have well-trained staff to take care of everything, it would be wise to coordinate with them timely to ensure things are in place for a perfect birthday celebration.