Good v Great Poutine- What Really Makes the Difference?


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Isn’t it true that all poutines are delicious? Yes, they certainly are. However, there are a few different methods that distinguish between good and great poutine.


1. Melted Cheese in a Good Poutine; Squeaky Cheese Curds in a Great Poutine.

Any decent poutine will have gooey, stretchy and delicious cheese. Whether it’s mozzarella, feta or vegan, a good tasting poutine can be prepared with any cheese.

But, do you know what makes for a fantastic poutine? Delicious cheese curds that keep their form despite being melted down by a thick, molten sauce. The squeak synonymous with cheese curds is a characteristic of superior poutine- and that’s before you even take a bite!


2. Good Poutine Is Mixed With Ingredients While a Great Poutine Melts in Harmony.

Simply said, if the components of your poutine don’t blend well together, it’s time to move on. The most important factor to consider when preparing a delicious poutine is the temperature.

It can’t be too hot, because the cheese and potatoes will melt together into an unappealing cheese and gravy stew. It must not be cold or the cheese curds will stay unmelted, resulting in a strange and unappetising hybrid. Finding the sweet spot where the cheese melts, the gravy is hot and the dish looks appetising is key. Your tastebuds will be greatly rewarded for your persistence.

3. Fried Potatoes Make a Good Poutine; Thick and Delicious French Fries Make a Great Poutine.

When you dig your fork into a good poutine, it contains crispy fries that provide you with a crunch and a fair amount of resistance. On the other hand, a great poutine may include mushy and squishy fries that melt in your mouth and reveal wonderful potato bliss.

What actually makes a great poutine? Thick, not-too-crispy and not-too-soggy french fries are the foundation of a perfect poutine. They’re the ones where you get a crunchy corner bite and other nuanced flavours that work together to create a moist potato paradise. If this resembles your fries, you’re in luck because you’ve got yourself a fantastic poutine.

4. Great Poutine Has a Hearty and Smouldering Gravy; a Good Poutine Has Sauce.

You can include any sauce you want in your poutine gravy. As the temperature is the main focus, there is room for some subtle flavour variation. For instance, a rich and chunky chicken gravy is a crowd-pleaser when it comes to elevating your gravy from good to great. It could prove enough if added evenly to cover everything in the smouldering gravy. It works well with the cheese as it melts it to the right temperature before it’s served.

Poutine is a fan favourite for any event because it combines the tastiest parts of crunchy potato with the relief of hot gravy and gooey cheese curd strands. When perfected, it’s one of those dishes that brings a smile to the faces of many and is versatile across a range of different occasions and times of the day.

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