Burgers around National Venues


When we’re in a rush, burgers are one of the most convenient items to consume on the move. With the growing fandom around brekky burgers, it’s safe to say we’re comfortable with a burger at any hour of the day. Many eateries have a process for preparing their burgers however the preparation varies from one establishment to the next in order to cater for differing menus and customers.

As food lovers, we seek something delicious and a burger normally satisfies the craving. The aesthetic appeal contributes substantially to the overall burger experience and the best restaurants stack their best ingredients in a sumptuous manner.

As one of the leading food service industry providers in Australia, we have listed some of the most mouthwatering burgers in the country and where to get your hands on one this month.

  2. Milky Lane- Milky Lane is a one-of-a-kind establishment that provides decadent desserts and juicy burgers with a mix of flavourful cocktails. Since 2016, Milky Lane has been shaking up the burger industry and winning a legion of followers for its unique approach to dining.

Their love for hip-hop is the only thing that rivals their passion for outstanding food. That is why each of their locations distinctly has an urban flavour, with eye-catching artwork and local DJ spinning until late.

  1. Slim’s Quality Burger – Slim’s Quality Burger is a brand new venue with a simple mission of “excellent burgers prepared correctly”. There are no frills or extras. At Slim’s, you won’t find over-the-top burgers built only for Instagram but instead a burger prepared with care and high quality ingredients.

The cuisine is filling and beautifully constructed, using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking. 100% Australian Angus beef patties are utilised to bring forth the finest flavour in their burgers, which are perfectly balanced with fresh toppings and Slim’s unique sauces.

  • Ze Pickle – Going from strength to strength, the Ze Pickle team have amassed an army of followers who not only share their love for their inimitable brand of burgers and bar snacks, but also their amazing selection of Craft Beer on tap, unique cocktails and wine menu.

Ze Pickle is not only trying to expand its franchise network around Australia, but they are also considering expanding their brand globally, with locations in the United States and Asia.

  1. Take Eat Easy Burgers – Take Eat Easy Burgers take pride in serving their customers the tastiest Hi-Melt Burger Cheese, grilled onions, and maple smoked bacon. Their specialty burger is deliberately cooked medium and topped with chilli sauce, slaw, yellow mustard, and Hi-Melt Burger Cheese on a buttered potato bun.

Only the freshest, locally produced potatoes are sliced and cooked to fit in their crispy, house-cut fries. The desserts are loveable classics such as hot fudge, salted caramel, strawberry, and an ice cream cup.

  2. Hoodburger – With aspirations to be the best burger shop, Hoodburger utilises the most incredible ingredients and pays immense tribute to the fast food they have always enjoyed. Most of the options on the menu are variations of a cheeseburger or a chicken tender sandwich.

The Hot Cheeseburger (necessary for chilli aficionados) and the Honey Butter Burger (inspired by honey chicken) are the two signature products at Hoodburger. The Chicken Tender Mash and Gravy Sandwich, which is also considered the most popular item, is something you have to try.

  1. Meet and Bun – If you enjoy mouthwatering burgers, Meet and Bun is the place for you. Whether it’s their giant cheeseburger produced with locally sourced organic beef, southern fried chicken secret recipe, or fiery chili bang-bang, you’ll find it difficult to stop at just one.

Whether you’re meeting up with friends for a game or stopping by for a short lunch break, Meet and Bun is open every day till late to satisfy your burger needs.

  • Big Rigz Burger – For those who prefer it hot, Big Rigz Burger has a range of fiery sauces available including a weapons-grade Hot Reaper Ketchup. A variety of beef and chicken burgers are available on the menu at the 50-seat eatery. Vegetarian and vegan choices are also available.

Several of the burgers use Korean ingredients such as kimchi, pickled daikon, and gochujang mayo. The measure of a good burger is the sum of all its ingredients working together prod a second round.

  • Royal Stax – Royal Stax was founded on a passion for pop culture and the belief that food, particularly burgers, can unite people from all walks of life. They put a lot of effort into establishing a sophisticated, fast-casual service environment. Their sole purpose is to establish a place where people can get away from all the hustle and bustle, enjoy a great burger, and feel at ease.

They enjoy combining cultural sensibilities to produce the right product that speaks to the local market while remaining true to their whimsical flair — Cheeseburger Dumplings, anyone?!

  1. Burgertory – All of the items on Burgertory’s menu are halal. Every bite of their homemade burgers will leave you wanting more.

With a menu including, but not limited to, the Suriel Burger, mushroom bites, and vegan shakes, Burgertory is highly inclusive of all palates. They also have gluten-free buns, house-made mayo and can make any burger gluten-free. While over 90% of the goods are nut-free, it is worth noting they do prefer peanut butter and Nutella on the premises.

  1. Boss Burger – Boss Burgers don’t mess around when it comes to burgers. Every item they provide is as fresh and tasty as possible. If you’re in the mood for a big meal or aren’t eating alone, they offer a tasty selection of sidekicks (side dishes), gulps (drinks), and combos.

The burgers here are made for real bosses! They take pleasure in delivering only the highest quality proteins, such as grass-fed beef and organically grown poultry, along with a menu that includes more cheeses, sauces, and toppings than you can poke a stick at.

  1. Benny’s American Burgers – The team at Benny’s American Burgers love sharing their American dream with the southern suburbs. You’ll find chilli cheese fries, fried chicken, milkshakes, and burgers the size of Texas on the menu. Their burgers are piled high with a smorgasbord of flavourful toppings and are ideal for an indulgent meal.

Grab a burger from the Hangover menu and get a taste of America the way you’ve always imagined. Benny’s American Burgers are made fresh and in-house, offering an authentic taste for all foodies.

  • Yankees Burger Bar – Yankees Burger Bar is an American-style burger joint that offers a wide variety of American-inspired meats such as ground beef, chicken, and pulled pork. They are proud to provide a variety of vegetarian choices, including their iconic Garden Green Burger. You’ll discover something to tempt your taste buds once you browse through their special menu.

Yankees Burger Bar are experts of the American style with a raft of tasty hot dogs, fries, shakes, and drinks for their loyal fans.

  • American Burger Bar – American Burger Bar provides a unique 1/3 pound blend of chuck, sirloin, and ground beef burgers for their stacks. These are made-to-order, prepared fresh and are topped with tasty condiments.

To give you an idea, one of the favourites includes thick cut hickory smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese, BBQ sauce, and an onion ring.  Bring your friends and family to enjoy fun games and a delicious meal.

  • Burger Haus – The Burger Haus is well known for maintaining its high-quality burgers, sides, and delectable specialty shakes! There is something for everyone on the menu from children meals to gluten-free options.

Their ingredients are acquired locally, and the majority of menu items are prepared in-house by outstanding chefs. All of their beef, steak, lamb, and salmon are 100% Tasmanian, and the chicken breast is free-range and Australian farmed.

  1. Burger Got Soul – Their ingredients include 100 percent lean beef, free-range poultry and eggs with vegetables obtained from local markets. The grass-fed beef patty is flavourful and juicy in all the right places, and the secret-recipe bread is both soft and firm. With Burger Got Soul, it’s more than a burger; it’s a soul burger.
  • Good Thanks – Good Thanks, offers juicy hamburgers, sweet potato chipsand poutine along with craft beer. Foodies describe the decor as fancy and it is great factor that helps their customer to muse on their décor while enjoy their delicacies. In addition to their appetizing dishes, the presentation is really amazing. They offer great customer service with a prompt and attentive team of staffs who readily smile while fulfilling your table needs.

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