Burger restaurants aren’t going anywhere despite a two year hiatus. 


For many burger enthusiasts, it’s hard to imagine a week without an emphatic bite of a mouthwatering double cheese burger. If you want to know about the growing burger fandom, just ask any foodie about the cravings and witness their reaction. Restaurants thrive on word of mouth from their most loyal customers but their affinity for the smaller details; such as having the correct type burger cheese slices on hand, is what keeps the patties turning. Pure Dairy, one of Australia’s leading burger cheese wholesalers, provides the cheese slices of choice for all kitchens in the food services industry.

Between curb-side pick up, home delivery and drive-thru, many burger restaurants were forced to innovate for their customers in recent times. This is because a restaurant’s burgers, whether it’s double meat, double cheese or both, are always in high demand at any time of the day. The pandemic did not deter the universal love for sumptuous burgers but instead consolidated its cultural relevance. It also offered customers a way to support their favourite local eatery and now, since they’ve reopened, they can pay them a visit and enjoy the full dining experience as intended.

Burger season is all year round and restaurateurs can now obtain the best burger cheese in Australia as customers return to the tables. Dining out not only offers delicious meals, reasonable prices, and courteous service but an immersive experience that accentuates each bite.  Pure Dairy is here to provide your kitchen with the best Hi-Melt and Thins cheese to ensure your customers stay connected to your menu. Between excellent customer service and logistical nous, Pure Dairy ensures each order is timely to keep up with demand.

Locals have welcomed the re-opening of Australia’s night time economy with delight, as neighbourhood hangouts and craft beer have been sorely missed. The inviting hum of live music has had a few setbacks but many upcoming shows are still to go ahead and contribute to the ambience of some of Australia’s most sought after food spots.

Many restaurants cite freshly ground beef, shredded lettuce, cheese, unique sauce, sliced onion and a toasted bun as their top ingredients for a burger. Other scrumptious dishes among the menu items include curly fries, patty melts, hot dogs, cheesy sandwiches, creamy soups, salads, and amongst many more. With Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt and Thins cheese slices in the repertoire, restaurateurs can be confident that their cheesy cuisines are superior. After all, quality is ultimately what the customer seeks.

Contact Pure Dairy if you have a special order request and want the best cheese slices for your menu. American Cheese Slices, High Melt and Thins Burger Cheese, Natural Cheddar Slices, and more excellent dairy products are manufactured by Pure Dairy. They provide the biggest selection of burger cheese slices to accommodate the limitless cheese dish options that your customers crave. Along with exceptional food quality, Pure Dairy takes pride in their supplier relations ensuring that your restaurant never runs out of products.